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eugeneoregon @ 10:29 pm: So now that we've had a month and a half of reality, I can recast my predictions...

AL MVP: Derek Jeter -- I don't buy it, he's not an MVP, but he'll win when the Yankees find a way to get into the playoffs courtesy of an Indians collapse where Joe Borowski blows 8 saves in one game.
Runner-up: Magglio Ordonez.
NL MVP: Jose Reyes -- Is there any other way to make this pick without involving a Brewer? Because let's be honest...people don't watch Brewers baseball, so the numbers will have to be astronomically good for a Brewer like Fielder or hardy to get consideration. They won't be good enough.
Runner-up: Andruw Jones

AL Cy Young: Josh Beckett -- Will he earn it? No. But he's on the Red Sox, Clemens won't pitch enough to make a big wave, and the alternatives involve thought.
Runner-up: C.C. Sabathia -- more likely to be Verlander...but I can dream. By the way, if you missed it, I'm making a bold prediction to say Johan Santana's not going to finish in the top two. When will I learn?
NL CY Young: Jake Peavy
Runner-up: Brad Penny (maybe having good pitching numbers has something to do with playing in national parks against teams with mediocre hitters? I'm looking your way, AL West?)

AL ROY: Daisuke Matsuzaka -- I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it because he's not a real rookie, he doesn't deserve it because he hasn't been that great. But look at the shit heap of rookies in the AL this year. The only qualified guys happen to have batting averages that rank as 78th (Delmon Young), 83rd (Elijah Dukes) and 94th (Alex Gordon) out of 94 qualified batters in the AL. Combine both leagues? 149th, 170th, 191st out of 191. Yikes.
Runner-up: Reggie Willits. I am not kidding. Billy Butler might even crack the top two if he can put up Bob Hamelin numbers.

NL ROY: Josh Hamilton -- Sentiment wins it by a landslide if nothing else.
Runner-up: Chris B. Young

AL East: 1) Red Sox, 2) Yankees*, 3) Blue Jays, 4) Orioles, 5) Devil Rays
AL Central: 1) Tigers, 2) Indians, 3) White Sox, 4) Twins, 5) Royals
AL West: 1) Angels, 2) A's, 3) Mariners, 4) Rangers

NL East: 1) Mets, 2) Braves*, 3) Phillies, 4) Marlins, 5) Nationals
NL Central: 1) Brewers, 2) Cubs, 3) Astros, 4) Cardinals, 5) Pirates, 6) Reds
NL West: 1) Dodgers, 2) Diamondbacks, 3) Padres, 4) Giants, 5) Rockies

I'm not really going out on any limbs here, it actually looks pretty lame that the biggest shift I'm predicting is that the Yankees will beat out the Indians for the wild card (about 6 games). But it's still early. Lots of things to sort out, lots of injuries yet to befall the Brewers.


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Date:May 17th, 2007 05:27 pm (UTC)
I'll vouch for Reggie Willits. We saw him at Billy Butler's debut a couple weeks ago. He stretched a double to a triple with considerable ease. That guy is fast.
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Date:May 17th, 2007 07:19 pm (UTC)
Moreover, he's a (1) white guy (2) named Reggie (3) who steals bases.

Aside from Ryan Freel, I can't think of anyone who meets two of these criteria, let alone all three.
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Date:May 17th, 2007 05:39 pm (UTC)
I'm sure I'd like to argue against your NL ROY pick, but apparently, I don't know who the rookies are. I was surprised to see J.J. Hardy active since 2005, personally.
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