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Kearns on Sports

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eugeneoregon @ 10:47 pm: I think that Brady Quinn, Reggie Bush, and Tom Brady each warrant their own entry of overratedness in kearnsonsports...but I'm lazy.

Suffice it to say that Reggie Bush is one of the least productive wide receivers in the game, averaging a mere 8.4 yards per reception. A running back he is not, given that his only impact came as a receiver. 88 receptions for 742 yards. That 8.4 yards would rank him dead last among pass receivers and even tight ends for yards per catch, so only his rushing totals can save him...and those are similarly among the worst in the league.

For anyone who really thinks Reggie Bush is a revelation...here is someone you regard as a bottom of the barrel running back. 151 carries, 650 yards, 25 catches for 270 yards. Leon Washington has outrushed Reggie Bush by nearly 100 yards on four fewer carries, and averages 2 yards per catch more than Reggie Bush. His longest run...a pittance at 23 yards, still tops Reggie Bush by 5 yards, and Washington lost one fumble to Bush's two.

Bush did catch 63 more passes. That is true. But that's where we come full circle. If his primary impact is as a pass catcher, we need to be comparing him to the Samie Parkers (13.7 ypc) and Patrick Craytons (14.3 ypc) of the world. The only receiver who made less of an impact is a player whose ability as a receiver ranks a distant second on the list of reasons he's on the Chiefs roster -- Dante Hall with a middling 7.8 ypc...and Bush gave a whole yard per punt return to Hall.

So please, spare me any pro-Reggie Bush drudgery. He was an adequate decoy who helped enable other players by having teams plan against his utter lack of explosiveness.


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Date:January 16th, 2007 04:34 pm (UTC)
you know, from what I've seen, I'd almost say Reggie Bush-Dante Hall is a pretty fair comparison. Hall's got some great moves too, and they look really good before he gets crushed.
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