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Kearns on Sports

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eugeneoregon @ 09:46 pm: Jeremy Affeldt, RP Projection: Colorado - He'll get other offers, but I think he meets Colorado's whiteness criteria for re-signing.
Antonio Alfonseca, RP Projection: Detroit - Detroit needs a couple relievers, so they get 1.2 relievers worth of fingers with one burned out former closer. Given that they've brought in Jose Mesa and Todd Jones in recent years, Alfonseca or Benitez make sense here.
Sandy Alomar Jr., C Projection: Retired - It has to happen sometime, and he's really running out of places he could wash ashore. Maybe the Dodgers would take him back since they don't even need a backup for Russell Martin, but I think he'll hang it up.
Marlon Anderson, LF Signed by: NY Mets
Tony Armas, SP Projection: Florida - Armas has done a fair amount of sliding down the list of potential arms to fill a rotation. A few years ago, he'd have generated actual interest, now it's pretty much Florida, Tampa Bay, Washington or Texas who could be looking for him.
Paul Bako, C Projection: Los Angeles Dodgers
Rod Barajas, C Projection: Baltimore - Well, the Philadelphia experiment failed miserably, but Baltimore dealt with Paul Bako last year, so they can't do much worse.
Michael Barrett, C Projection: Colorado - He meets their primary criteria, he is white. He's also a lousy teammate who could help prevent Colorado from achieving the kind of success they strung together for a month and a half from September to mid-October. So he'll be there, if the Mets don't snatch him up to replace LoDuca.
Tony Batista, 1B Projection: Washington - He'll get a minor league deal from Jim Bowden and might even make the roster.
Armando Benitez, RP Projection: Pittsburgh - Capps and Torres will be in the bullpen, so they don't need to chase a closer, but Benitez is damaged goods, so the Pirates might be able to bring him into the pen.

Gary Bennett, C Projection: St. Louis - People can still remember some of the good moments he had there, so he may be there for life.
Kris Benson, SP Projection: Houston - Yeah, he's still around, we can rest assure the Mets aren't interested, the Pirates aren't interested, and if it comes to dead-end franchises, people will go to Houston before Cincinnati.
Geoff Blum, 2B Projection: San Diego - I think Houston and New York will fill their second base holes elsewhere (Castillo and Iguchi, respectively), and I don't think the White Sox are going after him, so he might as well stay put. Signed by: Houston
Barry Bonds, LF Projection: Retired - The indictment did the job, Oakland won't touch him.
Aaron Boone, 1B Projection: St. Louis - He's a hard guy to place, he doesn't seem to fit in Florida, but he didn't last year either. Maybe he'll be back there, but St. Louis seems distinctly possible.
Milton Bradley, LF Projection: San Francisco - A surly left fielder who has home run power, the ability to draw walks, and can occasionally steal bases? That sounds like someone else the Giants hired a long time and one indictment ago. Bradley will be out most of the year, so perhaps he won't sign until July and will go to the highest bidding would-be playoff team. But if he does sign in the winter, I can see the Giants.
Russell Branyan, 3B Projection: Washington - Minor league contract, thy name is Russell Branyan.
Doug Brocail, RP Projection: Los Angeles Angels - The Padres won't pay him enough to keep him, so he has to go someplace that will give him a raise. The Giants would make sense, but the Angels might be an option.
Miguel Cairo, 1B Projection: New York Mets
Mike Cameron, CF Projection: San Diego - I don't know who else wants a center fielder who will be missing the first 25 games, so it seems like the Padres will keep him.
Shawn Camp, RP Projection: Pittsburgh - See you in the International League playoffs!
Sean Casey, 1B Projection: Oakland - Casey doesn't make sense anywhere, but Doug Mientkiewicz keeps finding work, so you have to believe that Casey will as well. It was bad news for him when the Reds re-signed Hatteberg, and the Pirates don't need a first baseman, even if he is a hometown guy. Meanwhile, his best hope...already has at least two first basemen in Dmitri Young and maybe Nick Johnson. So he may wash ashore as Hatteberg's replacement (several years late) in Oakland to split time with Daric Barton and Dan Johnson.
Luis Castillo, 2B Projection: New York Mets - This is being reported as nearly a done deal.
Ramon Castro, C Signed by: NY Mets
Shawn Chacon, RP Projection: Baltimore - They pay relievers, don't they?
Jeff Cirillo, 3B Projection: New York Mets - Well, Minnesota gave him away, Milwaukee's not likely to happen, so he's got to go somewhere that needs a pinch-hitter who can fill in at first.
Tony Clark, 1B Projection: Minnesota - It just makes too much sense, he's the perfect addition for the Twins as a DH and a backup for Morneau, he hits for genuine power, but isn't necessarily an everyday guy. He could do what Rondell White was supposed to, but did not.
Roger Clemens, SP Projection: Retired - Good riddance.
Matt Clement, SP Projection: San Diego - The Rockies are apparently interested, but that would be a horrific decision for so many reasons that I have to believe Clement would hold out for Petco and the opportunity to get an ERA under 3.00.
Bartolo Colon, SP Projection: Philadelphia - The Phillies have made their interest in all sore-armed starting pitchers well-known, and Colon might be able to exploit them for a one-year deal. He doesn't seem like an awful fit for Citizens Bank Park, and the other options, unlike Bartolo, seem thin.
Francisco Cordero, RP Projection: Milwaukee - The market for closers is pretty thin. The Astros may make a run, but I think that the Brewers will ultimately make a better sale to Cordero, who didn't have a good run last time he found his employ in the Lone Star state. Signed by: Cincinnati - I thought the Reds would be quiet this year, except for maybe re-signing Guardado. Instead, they invest a huge amount of money on a pitcher who replaces a closer who had actually pitched rather well last year. Perhaps Weathers will fare as well in the 8th inning, but the Reds are laying a huge gamble in adding Cordero. And they're still a Jon Lieber/Randy Wolf type from having an adequate NL Central rotation.
Jeff DaVanon, CF Projection: Oakland
Elmer Dessens, SP Projection: Colorado
Octavio Dotel, RP Projection: Texas - The Rangers will have money and they have little to no stable relief pitching. The Yankees don't want him back, nor do the Astros, and the Royals won't let him close. Hence, Texas it is.
David Eckstein, SS Projection: Kansas City - Now that the Mets' door appears to be closed and the Cardinals don't seem overzealous to re-sign him, it seems like he might follow the path of Mark Grudzialanek and replace Tony Pena Jr., or relegate him to utility status.
Darin Erstad, CF Projection: Milwaukee
Pedro Feliz, 3B Projection: San Francisco - Maybe the Indians will chase him, hopefully they have more sense. The Giants get decent defense from him, but an absolute inability to reach base with anything but singles or home runs.
Robert Fick, 1B Projection: Northern League
Cliff Floyd, RF Projection: Toronto - Cliff Floyd seems like he's burned a ton of bridges in his career and there's just not a huge need for broken-down corner outfielders. That said, Reed Johnson seems to be on his way out in Toronto, so maybe they'll give him a one-year deal and stick him in left field.
Josh Fogg, SP Projection: Colorado - All indications are that he was on the verge of walking, but the options for him don't really seem all that good. Maybe he goes to Texas, but I think the Rockies keep him just in case.
Keith Foulke, RP Projection: Retired
Julio Franco, 1B Projection: Northern League - He might finally be done.
Eric Gagne, RP Projection: San Francisco - He really wounded himself with the collapse in Boston, but he was lights out for most of the season, so a team with money and a weak pen will surface. San Francisco may be leery of throwing much money at him, but it may be the best option.
Freddy Garcia, SP Projection: Seattle - Someone will sign him, and he doesn't seem likely to be in Philadelphia or Cincinnati next year.
Marcus Giles, 2B Projection: San Diego - With New York being on the verge of signing Luis Castillo, that leaves San Diego and Houston as obvious targets in the second base market. I think Iguchi is the better move, so I think Houston will grab him before the White Sox reconsider their move to Danny Richar.
Tom Glavine, SP Signed by: Atlanta
Chris Gomez, 3B Projection: Milwaukee - He was great in his few appearances with the Tribe, but he's not a valuable enough player in the American League, where there's rarely a need for utility infielders.
Luis Gonzalez, LF Projection: Los Angeles Dodgers - He apparently wants to go back, now that they've got Torre. My thought? Who actually thinks Luis Gonzalez is such a valuable commodity that he can pick and choose where he'll be playing with such precision? Answer...apparently Luis Gonzalez.
Tony Graffanino, 2B Projection: Seattle - Graffanino is a serviceable infielder, Seattle needs someone other than Willie Bloomquist to back up at positions, Graffanino fits that bill rather well.
Shawn Green, RF Projection: Philadelphia - If the Phillies don't land Coco Crisp in a trade, they need to bring in a fourth outfielder who bats left-handed. Green fulfills those criteria and seems interchangeable with Jayson Werth anyway.
Eddie Guardado, RP Projection: Cincinnati - He could be a stealth signing for a team that intends to contend (read: Philadelphia), but I think Guardado wants to stay in Cincinnati where he might get a shot to close again.
Jose Guillen, RF Projection: Los Angeles Angels - They could use a corner outfielders to push Vlad to a full-time DH gig, and I don't buy that the Royals have the clout to bring him in.
Jerry Hairston Jr., CF Projection: Chicago White Sox - Hairston's father was a member of the White Sox. Presumably that'll be good enough to get a one-year deal or a minor league contract from Ken Williams.
LaTroy Hawkins, RP Projection: Philadelphia
Matt Herges, RP Projection: Colorado - He's white, so they won't watch him leave the way Hawkins will.
Livan Hernandez, SP Projection: New York Mets
Eric Hinske, 1B Projection: Boston
Torii Hunter, CF Projection: Texas - Is there really that much of a market for Torii Hunter? I don't buy that the Royals or Nationals will spend that much, the Braves seem resigned to starting Josh Anderson, and the Dodgers are linked to Rowand. Signed by: Los Angeles Angels: this one is pretty hard to explain in the abstract, because the Angels just threw a bunch of money into their outfield and didn't subtract anyone, but the Angels have money. Perhaps Boras' attempted money grab for all the center fielders will still be successful, since Texas is likely still looking to buy and may go hard after Andruw Jones or Aaron Rowand.
Tadahito Iguchi, 2B Projection: Houston - Biggio's gone, Chris Burke is probably going to be starting in center by midseason when they've seen Michael Bourn play more, and Iguchi's a valuable commodity for them.
Geoff Jenkins, LF Projection: San Diego - It's a disaster for Jenkins if he goes here, Cleveland and Philadelphia would give him a chance to put up big numbers, but they can't guarantee everyday spots, so I think the Padres land him.
Jason Jennings, SP Projection: Houston - This guy's under the radar, presumably for a reason.
D'Angelo Jimenez, 2B Projection: Washington - Jim Bowden's all-reclamation-project roster is coming into place.
Andruw Jones, CF Projection: San Francisco - Again, this comes down to my unending belief that Brian Sabean is an idiot. I think Boras really overplayed all of his hands this year, but none worse than this one. No one -- no one -- thinks he's worth $20 million. Even if Jim Bowden DID think he was worth it, he can't spend it.
Jorge Julio, RP Projection: Toronto
Jason Kendall, C Projection: San Diego - He has no power anyway, so you might as well put him in a place where no one hits home runs. Signed by: Milwaukee - This is a bizarre move given that the Brewers' fans seemed unhappy because Johnny Estrada didn't produce enough offense. Adding someone who is consistently anemic won't help.
Joe Kennedy, SP Projection: Toronto
Bobby Kielty, RF Projection: Boston
Byung-Hyun Kim, SP Projection: Florida
Ray King, RP Projection: Milwaukee
Ryan Klesko, 1B Projection: San Francisco
Corey Koskie, 3B Projection: Retired - He can read the writing on the wall, he's just seeing it in triplicate.
Mike Lamb, 3B Projection: Houston
Jason LaRue, C Projection: Washington - Jim Bowden has brought together a legion of former Reds onto his Nationals team, LaRue could supplant Jesus Flores and no one would notice. Signed by: Cardinals
Jon Lieber, SP Projection: Cincinnati - He's already pitched in a nightmare park (Citizens Bank), so Great American would be a lateral translation for him. He's had his moments, but he still won't be breaking the bank. He may be just the #3 starter the Reds need to get them over the .500 mark.
Mike Lieberthal, C Projection: Atlanta
Scott Linebrink, RP Projection: Toronto
Paul Lo Duca, C Projection: New York Mets - Well, the Torrealba thing didn't work, so unless they grab Barrett, it's probably going to more LoDuca.
Kenny Lofton, CF Projection: San Diego
Kyle Lohse, SP Projection: New York Mets - This really seems like a free agent market with no money, so I feel like the Mets might invest in Kyle Lohse, who was a difference-maker for the Phillies in a number of roles last year and actually looked like a major leaguer in most of his appearances.
Rodrigo Lopez, SP Projection: Arizona
Mark Loretta, SS Projection: Arizona - Loretta's versatility is a must when they have no real depth anywhere on the roster.
Mike Lowell, 3B Projection: Boston - This is being reported as an almost-done deal, I believe it.
Rob Mackowiak, LF Projection: Milwaukee
Ron Mahay, RP Projection: New York Yankees
Ramon Martinez, 2B Projection: Houston
Kazuo Matsui, 2B Projection: Colorado
Jose Mesa, RP Projection: Tampa Bay
Doug Mientkiewicz, 1B Projection: Arizona
Damian Miller, C Projection: Chicago Cubs
Trever Miller, RP Projection: Houston
Eric Milton, SP Projection: Washington
Doug Mirabelli, C Projection: Boston
Brian Moehler, RP Projection: Houston
Jose Molina, C Projection: New York Yankees
Mike Myers, RP Projection: Tampa Bay
Trot Nixon, RF Projection: Atlanta - Who wants this guy? Please don't let it be Mark Shapiro.
Abraham Nunez, 3B Projection: Florida - He's versatile, but he can't hit...and when I'm around, the guy can't field. He'll wash ashore somewhere where there won't be fans to notice either.
Russ Ortiz, SP Projection: Tampa Bay
Orlando Palmeiro, LF Projection: Houston
Corey Patterson, CF Projection: Milwaukee
Josh Paul, C Projection: Chicago White Sox
Troy Percival, RP Projection: Tampa Bay
Neifi Perez, SS Projection: Unsigned
Odalis Perez, SP Projection: Texas
Andy Pettitte, SP Projection: Retired
Mike Piazza, DH Projection: Texas
Jorge Posada, C Signed by: NY Yankees
Mark Redman, SP Projection: St. Louis
Chris Reitsma, RP Projection: Philadelphia
Arthur Rhodes, RP Projection: Seattle
David Riske, RP Projection: New York Yankees
*Mariano Rivera, RP Projection: New York Yankees - Another almost-done deal. Signed by: New York Yankees
*Alex Rodriguez, 3B Projection: New York Yankees - Bottom of the 5th inning, I hear. Signed by: New York Yankees
Kenny Rogers, SP Projection: Detroit
Aaron Rowand, CF Projection: Los Angeles Dodgers
Reggie Sanders, RF Projection: Minnesota
Rudy Seanez, RP Projection: Los Angeles Dodgers
Aaron Sele, RP Projection: New York Mets
Carlos Silva, SP Projection: Los Angeles Dodgers
Sammy Sosa, DH Projection: Oakland - The A's brought in Frank Thomas, they brought in Mike Piazza, they might as well bring in Sammy Sosa. He doesn't walk as much as Billy Beane would want, but he is considered a bad clubhouse influence, so he'll fill that Milton Bradley/Mike Piazza team alienation role.
Shannon Stewart, LF Projection: Minnesota - The A's will probably keep Travis Buck in left field full-time, the Blue Jays seem like a decent fit, but he's not really a fit for a team that needs to get younger.
Kelly Stinnett, C Projection: Tampa Bay
Mark Sweeney, 1B Projection: San Francisco
Mike Sweeney, DH Projection: Baltimore - There is really just nowhere that Mike Sweeney makes sense. The Orioles used Aubrey Huff and a similar menagerie of second-rate DHs last year, maybe Oakland would give him a shot to pair with Daric Barton and Dan Johnson as a 1B/DH, but he doesn't seem like a player anyone else is going to covet, even as a $1 million a year player.
John Thomson, SP Projection: Tampa Bay
Mike Timlin, RP Projection: Boston - Every World Series contender needs some absurdly aged pitcher who was at one time a closer. The Red Sox might as well just keep this one.
Brett Tomko, SP Projection: Pittsburgh
Yorvit Torrealba, C Projection: Florida - The Mets eventually came to their senses and noticed that he's a no-hit, no-throw catcher who calls a decent game, but not enough of one that the Rockies want to keep him. He'll wish he took the $14 million.
Steve Trachsel, SP Projection: Washington
Jose Valentin, 2B Projection: New York Mets
Ron Villone, RP Projection: Chicago Cubs
Luis Vizcaino, RP Projection: New York Yankees - Vizcaino is the closest thing the Yankees have to a proven reliever before Mariano Rivera. They won't let him walk.
Jeff Weaver, SP Projection: Baltimore Maybe St. Louis would take him back, but there just don't seem to be a lot of options for Weaver. He's not likely willing to pitch for a low-level team that would give him an incentive-laden deal, he doesn't appear to be on the Phillies' radar, so he's going to go where there's money, but no realistic chance of victory.
David Wells, SP Projection: Retired - He's got to go away at some point.
Kip Wells, SP Projection: Tampa Bay
Rondell White, LF Projection: Northern League - Who wants a broken-down DH who can't hit or part-time left fielder who can't stay healthy? The St. Paul Saints? Well, maybe.
Bob Wickman, RP Projection: Retired - Maybe he'll rejoin the Brewers, but otherwise, he's done.
Brad Wilkerson, 1B Projection: Milwaukee - Wilkerson could easily end up being the guy that Philadelphia goes after, and I personally still hold out hope that he'll become a competent major leaguer, though he's provided much evidence to the contrary. The Brewers are short a left fielder since they let Jenkins walk and Kevin Mench is not worth wasting a roster spot on. If the Brewers do keep Mench, then it makes sense to bring in a left-handed hitter to platoon him with. Wilkerson fits the bill, except that he can't hit righties for some reason. But I'm not all that sure that Milwaukee will notice.
Preston Wilson, RF Projection: Chicago Cubs
Randy Wolf, SP Projection: St. Louis - Wolf could end up in a number of cities with decent payrolls, whether it's San Diego, St. Louis, Philadelphia, or somewhere else, but the Cardinals really could be a good fit for Wolf, who pitched well last year before injuries took over again. He may even get a flyer from the Mets.
Kerry Wood, RP Projection: Detroit - Wood may be one of the most hotly-pursued free agents this year since he's probably relegated to being a setup man. That leaves most potentially contending teams in a position to chase him, but Detroit just seems like a good fit since they're going to have to replace Zumaya. Re-signed by: Chicago Cubs
Chris Woodward, 3B Projection: Atlanta


Date:April 13th, 2011 02:13 am (UTC)
Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

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